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Fertility Treatment

  Fertility Treatment in Toronto  

The decision to start a family is an exciting part of life, and is perhaps one of the biggest life decisions there is. In Canada, approximately 1 in 6 couples trying to conceive experience infertility. Both men and women can experience the reproductive issues, hormonal imbalances, or other reasons which cause the inability to conceive a child. Infertility, however, does not mean sterility. With the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine, those dealing with infertility issues can greatly improve their chances to conceive.


Does one or more of the following statements apply to your situation?

  • You have unsuccessfully conceived for a period of 1 year or more, or 6 months or more if you are age 35+

  • You have a history of trying to conceive unsuccessfully

  • You have a history of miscarriage

  • You are above age 35

  • You have been diagnosed with the following as a woman: endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), low ovarian reserve (low AMH, high FHS), or in males: sperm/semen problems, low libido.

  • You are looking for a natural alternative to fertility treatment

  • You have had a failed IVF treatment or IUI treatment and you would like to attempt another

  • You have a short luteal phase

  • You are looking to conceive naturally


We also offer treatment for male fertility issues, including:

  • Partial male tube blockages

  • Sperms problems:   low or no sperm counts poor sperm motility (the ability to move), and abnormally shaped sperm.

  • Unable to erect

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Nocturnal emission

  • No sexual desire

  • Prostatic hypertrophy

  • Prostate issues, including difficulty urinating, dribbling and seminal emissions.

  • Impotence

  TCM for Women's Health  

If you are a woman experiencing gynecological difficulties and/or a gynecological condition, Traditional Chinese Medicine may be the natural alternative for you! Many women experience menstrual, menopausal and sexual issues caused by various changes within the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine works to discover the cause of the ailment, and to treat the entire condition and person as whole, not just cover up the symptoms. At Mai Medical Health Centre, our team can help you! Mai Pham, R.Ac., MD (VN), uses acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments tailored to your individual needs-to get you back on the path to health!

What can we help you with?

Menstrual Conditions

  • Abdominal cramping/pain (dysmenorrhea)

  • Menopause & peri-menopause

  • Hot flashes/sweating

  • PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)

  • Irregular flow cycle (irregular, heavy, scanty, or lack of menstruation)


Vaginal Conditions

  • Thick discharge (leucorrhea)

  • Yeast infection

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease

  • Vaginal itching

  • Vaginal Dryness


Fertility, Pregnancy & Post-Partum Conditions

  • Infertility

  • Endometriosis

  • Uterine myoma (fibroids)

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Uterine prolapse

  • History of, or potential miscarriage

  • Morning sickness

  • Breech fetus

  • Insufficient lactation

  • Breast disorders (lumps, discharge, etc.)

  • Post-partum bleeding/discharge (lochia)

  • Post-partum depression


Please talk to our practitioner about any other concerns you have about your health that may not be listed above.

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  Fertility Acupuncture  

At Mai Medical Health Center, we provide the best, quality care to Woodbridge, Vaughan, and the surrounding Toronto area. When pursuing an alternative method to conventional fertility treatment, our clinic will work with you, and in conjunction with other health care modalities to ensure that your fertility journey reaches the standards we strive for. When you visit us at Mai Medical Health Center, you will be introduced to fertility acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Herb prescriptions, used alone or in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), assisted reproductive technology (ART), or other conception modalities advised by a Doctor or other Health Care Professional.


Fertility Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Herbs are contraindication-free, and can greatly enhance the potential for conception. Acupuncture treatments help to release energy blockages in women who tend to be physically and emotionally struggling with becoming pregnant, and who may have endometriosis, fibroid tumors, PMS symptoms, irregular cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and other disorders or factors which are causative of infertility.

Our Acupuncturist, Mai Pham, R.Ac.,  creates custom blends of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and has extensive knowledge of the herbs and acupuncture points to avoid and/or use for each unique condition and stage of your fertility journey. Mai Medical Health Center works with both male and female partners to address every aspect of the conception process!


When using Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments with adjacent modalities, your chances of conception are improved. Our team of professionals are here to provide the utmost care to you and your partner when trying to conceive for the first time, or when expanding your family!


Please visit the clinic today to reduce your stress, pain, and improve you fertility experience with this ancient medical modality.  Call clinic at 905 264 3939 to book your first consultation with our expert Acupuncturist, Mai Pham.


Mai Pham 

Registered Acupuncturist, Registered TCM Practitioner

Mai Pham is a well-known professional in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine in Toronto, Canada with over 10 years of experience in the field of medicine. She received her Doctor of Medicine degree from The Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy in Vietnam and completed her acupuncture diploma at the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine.